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Eco-friendly home, ecologically clean houses

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  1. Our main business lines are timber frame and panel house constructions. We also offer to build houses from foundations to key, revamping old houses and take a variety of home rebuilding and additions works!
  2. For wood straddle house building, we employ professionals with 15 years experience in this industry, they are constructed  wooden straddle homes in countries like the United States, Norway, Iceland.
  3. Wooden struts houses we offer insulate the eco-wool. Ecowool the effective and quality thermal insulation material, consisting cellulose fibers and impurities. It is ecologically clean, healthy material and is used in the United States, Canada, Finland and other countries of the world for more than 60 years. Choosing eco-wool, we are also no more pollution and protect the environment. · Cellulose fiber insulation – efficient heater (λ = 0.039 W / mK). · Ecowool air permeability is low, because the material is very dense.
  4. Exclusive wooden terraces creation is new service in our company. Timber terrace is an integral part of house in the United States and in other countries, because they can bring extra comfort to us everyday! Everyone of us wish to spend evenings out in the fresh air, drinking tea on the comfortable wooden terrace!
  5. We also can offer for you architect services and projects for all types of individual coordination with institutions. We repair!
  6. We offer small renovations for flats, offices, shops, factories.
  7. We perform old house and rooms demolition – whole or in in parts.
  8. Electro installation, sanitary, drainage.
  9. Set for you a beautiful cobblestones.
  10. Your territory definitely needs a fence
  11. Stacks of bricks or modular.
  12. For you we can build a sauna, a garden house, wood barn, terrace, dog hut and anything else you want.
  13. We can change and put the windows and doors.
  14. The old roof and the new roof repairs.
  15. Facades cleaning with water pressure.
  16. Heat pumps, wood heating.
  17. Foundation works.

As well, the master can do the small urgency works: windows, doors, plumbing, drainage, heating, etc.

  • Standard modular home
  • Stone houses (aerock, fibo)
  • Gazebos
  • Garden tools and equipment place
  • Non-residential buildings
  • Saunas
  • Car canopies
  • Terraces